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Whats Next ? – Draft v3

The system is still stable enough to create solutions but the collateral damage will be high in the following years. I have some predictions based on the current status and different moves by major players as far as I am aware.

International Relations:

As far as I can interpret the traces, USA is in the edge of its rising period. In this sense, this period has started after the collapse of the USSR in 1990.So we have a winner !

The USA will probably be the empire that will be dominant power in any area without the conquering the world. We will not witness the downfall of USA in next 100 years in earth. The exploration of the space will be only possible limitation of USA’s influence. We can compare this situation with the exploration of the continent America.

Also, the opposite movements towards  to the system will not be effective as in the past. The human & resource effects are being in diminishing. USA will automatize the military and production via robots & AI.


  • We will start to use Cold-Fusion after 2025 commercially,after 2035, extensively, and after 2050, majority of the electricity production will be supplied by Cold-Fusion.


  • Majority of the labor intensive jobs that we know of today will be disappear in 20 years.
  • From 2020 – 2030, we will see the rise of the automation and machine learning. The services’ free movement will be delayed to next 50 years probably.