HayRoM KargacikBurgacik

Lets Put

Lets spill out. We are too crowded. The consumption based life can not be sustained in this rate. The fight will be more harsh. Nobody is caring nobody. And death is a number in the statistics.

There will be no more traditional nations & societies any more in this century.

As mentioned in a movie, “sharing is not best skill of this race”. While we are taking necessary steps (all the technological advancements that serving us and giving the possibility to secure us even evacuation of this planet ) everyday for the sake of the race, we are that much ignoring the average human being.

The last 200 hundred years, we have developed the nations based the rights & individuality. However,  right now,  tribalism is striking back. We are lower and lower tolerant whose is not one of us.

There is no balance in the force.