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Finally Spilled Out

At last, one of the major figures from economical community has stated the elefant in the room in a clear & simple way. Of course, this paragraph is part of rather long speed about the World Bank Group’s mission: Ending Extreme Poverty.

However, the related fact is directly hitting a major issue that , IMHO, we will be discussing more often preceding years.

“We all know that technology is fundamentally reshaping the world.

The traditional economic path from productive agriculture to light manufacturing and then to large scale industrialization may not be possible for all developing countries. In large parts of Africa it is likely that technology could fundamentally disrupt this pattern.  Research based on World Bank data has predicted that the proportion of jobs threatened by automation in India is 69 percent, 77 percent in China and as high as 85 percent in Ethiopia.”  “World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim”

The developments in technology is hitting the labor markets very fundamentaly. If we could not act for pre-emptive steps, we will have many social unrests waiting for us in the way.