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Is this really a Fair Game – Part I ?

There are many social media flows based on the unfairness of this world and how we can fix it.

What the system has been promising us cannot be understood without the base assumptions related to the human nature.

We are selfish and survival race.

We are also autonomous creatures (don’t like be told what to do) and equipped with a feeling of being unique of each individual. (Or raised in this way that by the system, I am not sure this feeling is belongs to human nature or adapted by individuals from society, yet it is there for the time being.)

One can argue any specifications of the human race, which is perfectly normal, but in real case, evolution is not taking any chances by just creating only one related quality. Rather it is betting every possible aspect but in different amount of money or life. The evolution is not wiping any mechanism that fitted in an environment at least for a while. (Like your old radio, you are not using it now, but still keeping in attic).It is hidden inside the genetic heritage.

So, the point is, dominant and active qualifications or specifications of humans are changing according to time. We can talk about them only for specific the time periods.

However, the basic principle is always have same motto.

“Pass the knowledge/skill of best adapters to be the next generation (with higher ratios) while keeping other minor aspects (with minor fractions) as hidden in the gene pool.”

Many successful system has been mimicking the base laws or process mechanisms of life.

The economical systems are not exception.

Most probably, fathers of the capitalist system has founded their theories with this effect on their minds. Mimicking already working system is relatively easy and fail-safe bet for them.

(Most probably, that’s why they are not founding fathers of socialism or communism. I am not sure how to adapt the principles of these system to nature. They require high level of consciousness and maintaining this level of mind. I don’t think as a civilization we are there. In future, we will utilize these systems.)

So, embedded rules of this economical system do not include or at least not focused on fairness. (We can argue that the fairness and justice is already in the system, but it hugely forced and somehow artificial, and execution quality mainly depends on individuals.)

Capitalist system, IMHO, is genetically coded as to be extremist favored system. Every new adaptation or what we can call change is opposing a good deal of push-back from society, yet after the beneficial demonstrations, it is becoming a new standard till next cycle of change.

The accumulation of the any value, material or knowledge is creating another cycle of resist and production. (One generation backward could define themselves as the steel worker and next generation is a banker. Yet, both they can claim their position and its prevalence is rightly adjusted and they will object to diminish.)

The capitalist system is making a promise on its huge potential of production. In this system, you can produce anything you want (not based on the necessity but just will and money)

This is the main advantage of the capitalism.

Another very important advantage of the capitalist system is the change mechanism and hiding the effects from the society.

You cannot understand if you don’t look closely. For example, in another economical system, if you want to change the shoe making sector, and if you declare (plan & announce) this change, you will be pushed back by the establishment of the shoe makers and society. (People think that one day system will do same to their jobs as well).

This will lead inefficiency of the production. No system survived till now just depending goodness of humans.

On the other hand, capitalist system applies the change in a way that source of change is almost invisible. (The total demand drops, and shoe makers won’t have any one to blame for losing their jobs or businesses and so the people.)

The production change in the capitalism are being controlled by institutions in a rate relatively small amounts that will not be noticed by society and resistance and objection are managed. Like the frog experiment with change as the heat.

These advantages are creating imbalances in life of societies. So they are supported and straightened by governments continuously. How? Of course, with social duties of the governments.

Government needs to support the effected group of the change and will utilize the communication channels to demonstrate acts that seems as help from other parts of the society.

In this way, politicians don’t have the risk of losing votes and support. Because there is no accountable figure in the society to blame for the changes.

Still more actions are needed to balance out the stress. Social aids that targeting the lower classes, tax reductions and like selective financial assistance for selected society parts could be counted as different examples of this balancing process.

As you can deduce that, todays governments are not helping us for us. They are helping us to reform us with a smoother process.

During these process, media is always helping these changes go smooth. How they are doing it?

(Of course, we can always argue that media is creating and publishing lies as a rule of thumb, but I think that the generic approach is a bit different.)

Media is for feeding the society with the information just related to very small and limited time. So, they can publish news about any economic condition as it is, and the content is true, but if you don’t track the change and sources of the change and related results in the long run, any given moment, you can understand what’s happening but you cannot understand who is doing? Why it is being done and so on?

Also, other social forces are being mobilized during these activities. Society trying to improve the tolerability of the individuals via different types of motivation or any other factors that creating an illusion based on the separation of you and others.

They are injecting us the feeling of what is on-going is not going to hit us and we need to focus to become more in lighted positive individuals even with the negativity surrounding us by society.

In either case, the systems is the winner.

It is both creating a change without any particular responsible and motivating us to be more competitive even about ourselves.